Maskerade: A Store with Purpose

Handcrafted Ethical Designs

In 2000, Maskerade embarked on a journey that would forever transform how we perceive fashion.
Maskerade, owned by a fashion designer and an ex-model herself, who is also a mom of 5, partnered up with indigenous communities in order to promote fair trade and sustainability through original traditional items.
As COVID 19 started to affect all of us, Maskerade felt like it had to respond. We used our background in fashion design to come up with maska that are fun and keep us safe.



Fashion and Tradition

Maskerade brings talented artisans together in order to breach the gap between selling sustainable products and empowering the traditional communities who are responsible for bringing these breathtaking creations to life. Furthermore, our goal is to gradually pave the path to economic independence for the artisans we work with.

By using a fresh combination of colors, patterns, threads, and traditional symbols, our group of talented makers create truly unique items. We are proud to provide them with an outlet for their skills and help them support their families and communities.



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